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February 1st, 2008

12:46 am: Recent inactivity and reasons
Taking a few minutes to let all my friends know the reason I've become inactive recently. My-other-half, who was rarely sick, picked up what his doctor thought was "a strong flu and simple allergies," two months ago that wasn't responding to treatment. In the middle of the night last Friday, he began suffering from severe shortness of breath requiring hospitalization.

At first they diagnosis ed him with pneumonia, but after a chest X-ray confirming he had pneumonia, they also discovered a large spot on his right lung, which they wanted to check out. Three days and numerous tests later, they shattered our world saying he has inoperable cancer in both lungs, the pancease and liver. Given a prognosis of "maybe six months" with Chemo, he requested to die at home where he will be comfortable. His doctor has ordered Hospice Care in our home, which will start once they can stabilize him enough to leave the hospital.

At present, I am juggling visits with him, while making changes and additions to our home in preparation for his needs and all the required equipment. Once he is back home, I will be caring for him with the occasional help of Hospice Nurses, so my online activity will be limited until this is over.

I will try to keep in touch and update whenever possible, so keep us in your prayers.

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December 30th, 2007

Been sitting here thinking about life and this always leads to me having weird thoughts. So, if your interested in seeing what was on my mind today, read on.
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December 9th, 2007

05:04 am: Saving Grace
I love this song by Everlast and the Saving Grace program. Thought I'd share some of the goodness with you folks in case you're not familiar with it.

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Current Music: Saving Grace-- Everlast
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December 6th, 2007

11:12 pm: I'm a riendeer

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